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Demystifying Digital Product Passports for Fashion and Textiles

June 11, 2024


Demystifying Digital Product Passports for Fashion and Textiles - Learn the truth behind common myths about DPP in the fashion industry.
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RECAP: Launching the Playbook on Unlocking DPPs

May 28, 2024


News and Updates
Get the playbook Unlocking Digital Product Passports (DPP) for fashion and textiles. Embrace data disclosure and traceability for a circular economy shift.

Traceability in French Fashion: Protecting Heritage and the Future

May 20, 2024


News and Updates
Explore the importance of traceability in French fashion and luxury, as experts discuss the legacy, innovation, and future of its supply chain compliance.
Industry News

Why Traceability Platforms Are Essential for Risk and Compliance

May 14, 2024

Shameek Ghosh

Co-Founder & CEO
Explore why traceability platforms are crucial for risk and compliance in the supply chain industry, with a focus on forced labor prevention and regulatory requirements. Learn how TrusTrace empowers businesses to navigate these challenges effectively.
Laws and Regulations

How To Comply with EUDR

March 28, 2024

Pauline God

Policy and Partnership Manager
Since it came into effect in June 2023, the EU Regulation on Deforestation-Free Products (EUDR) has put fashion companies that use leather, rubber and wood on notice to ensure their supply chains are free from illegal deforestation. Now, the industry is racing to prepare for compliance, working towards a December 2024 deadline when the law’s main obligations will start to apply.

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