TrusTrace for Forced Labor Prevention

Verifiable Supplier Data

All the tools you need for suppliers to upload data directly to the platform. Compatible with most sourcing models, TrusTrace checks supplier uploads against other evidence documentation to fill data gaps in your supply chain mapping. 


Intelligence Database Integrations

TrusTrace connects with the CBP’s WRO list and third-party intelligence platforms including Kharon to help you maintain due diligence over your supply chain networks and keep up with new exposures and risks. 


High Volume PO Traceability

Swift Trace technology combs through TrusTrace databases for the data required for forced labor compliance, and organizes it all by the PO or Shipment ID. Using AI, evidence management is automated and you retrieve proof for all your traceable shipments at scale and on demand with just a few clicks.  

Automated Evidence Management

TrusTrace is designed to manage many evidence documents efficiently. Your suppliers drag and drop to bulk upload all documents at once. Using AI, TrusTrace will automatically classify them, translate into English and cross check data gap and discrepancy – giving you the right evidence in one place.  

Transform Your Traceability

TrusTrace speeds up your supply chain traceability and evidence collection for Forced Labor Prevention commitments.

Supply Chain Mapping

Collect verifiable, granular data for deeper visibility and uncover risks.

Swift Trace

Prove traceability and compliance with precise data for thousands of POs at once.


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As of October 13, 2023, TrusTrace has an Overall Rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the Supplier Sustainability Applications market.

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