forced labor prevention

complete visibility and control

Collect traceability data from upstream suppliers in your entire supply chain, automatically screen for risks at scale and streamline chain-of-custody documentation with AI. TrusTrace handles documentation in 100+ languages.
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the most comprehensive solution for forced labor prevention

Gather extensive traceability data directly from upstream suppliers and facilities and collect the evidence needed to verify compliance with trade regulations.

Automatically screen for potential risks in your entire supply chain against multiple risk databases to detect supply chain risk in time.

Assemble chain-of-custody documentation for thousands of shipments and across 100+ languages with ease using AI.


Key Features

Supply Chain Mapping

Primary Data Collection

Collect and validate up-to-date supplier data directly from your network. Compatible with most sourcing models, TrusTrace alerts about incorrect or missing documents, ensuring all essential data for forced labor prevention is collected.

Primary Data Collection

Digitally collect granular data about suppliers and their facilities for all shipments.

Discover Upstream Suppliers

Discover indirect suppliers down to raw materials starting from Tier 1 or 2.

Multiple Sourcing Models

Supports multiple sourcing models including CMT or FPP.

Efficient Data Templates

Efficiently collect the data as defined by the regulations with pre-defined templates.
Supply Chain Mapping

proactive risk screening

TrusTrace connects with the CBP Entity List and leading third-party risk databases to give you shipment-level visibility. Proactively detect, mitigate, and manage risks in a timely manner. Maintain overview with advanced visual dashboards and reporting.

Automatic and Continuous

Automate continuous risk screening of your shipments or entities.

Check Against Databases

Cross-check with multiple databases including the CBP Entity List and other third party databases.

Instant Alerts

Get immediate alerts as soon as something is flagged to your selected channels.


Get an overview with dashboards and stay on top of high-risk shipments and supply chains.
Swift Trace

AI-Powered Digital Chain of Custody

With data templates built-in, collecting the upstream documentation for compliance has never been easier. Our AI engine sorts the evidence for each shipment in seconds and assembles a chain of custody for submission to authorities.

Easy for Suppliers

Evidence and document upload is streamlined with drag-and-drop capabilities.

Automatic Classification

Documents are automatically classified by document type as soon as they are uploaded.

Smart AI Translations

TrusTrace translates and classifies documents in 100+ languages into English for streamlined reporting.

Evidence Checklist

Not sure what evidence is needed? Be certain about which documentation you need to have per shipment with the Evidence Collection Checklist.
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Swift Trace

Automated Evidence Validation

Turn on alerts to stay on top of incorrect or outstanding documents, and maintain efficiency around supply chain compliance.

High Volume

Validate high volumes of evidence with the help of automated workflows.

Precise Data

Minimize data errors with automated evidence validation.

Less Errors

Minimize errors with the aid of automation data collection and processing.

Explore the modules in this solution

Learn more about the modules powering our Forced Labor Prevention solution. TrusTrace speeds up your supply chain traceability and evidence collection for Forced Labor Prevention commitments with the help of Supply Chain Mapping and Swift Trace.

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