Supply Chain Mapping


Collect and classify data coming directly from suppliers onto the platform. Gain visibility over complex supplier networks and screen for hidden risks.
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Easier Mapping

Gather more traceability data with less time and resources, streamlining data sharing for suppliers.

Automated Risk Screening

Data uploaded is automatically screened for risks and flagged if found.

For Large Networks

Speed up supply chain mapping and maintain a constant overview of dynamic and complex supply networks.

High Data Collection Configuration

Configure the data requests to suit your needs. Collect details including facility locations, value processes and material use to enhance traceability and insights of impact for any given supply chain.

Clear Requirements

Set clear data expectations with your supplier network using the configurable forms.

Build Own Forms

Choose from many existing data parameters to build your collection forms.

Modify by Tier

Adjust the data parameters per material or tier level to suit your needs.

Continuous Data Collection

Schedule data collection in advance with your supplier network. You decide what data to collect, how often and from whom.

Bulk Requests

Dispatch data requests to many suppliers at once and pinpoint active facilities in the supply chain at scale.

Automate Discovery

Turn on auto-discovery of newly nominated suppliers to ensure the latest supply chain mapping.

Schedule Recurrent Requests

Turn on reminders and set the cadence for recurring data requests per supplier.

Automated Risk Screening

Information uploaded for supply chain mapping is continuously screened for risks and areas of concern. Validations and testing run automatically in the background.

Screen for Risks

Detect hidden risks in the supplier network with screening against third party risk databases. 

Continuous Monitoring

Continually monitor your supplier network and data for supplier data changes, compliance and potential risk exposure.

Map Overview

Switch from the data view to a geographical map to get a visual overview of risks found in a particular supply chain.

Easy Supplier Declaration

When suppliers connect onto the platform, they have an overview of the same supply chain you are tracing. Collaborate together to gather all necessary data and establish more visibility into your complex supply chains.

Visual Overview

Suppliers view and edit data in an intuitive overview to quickly and easily provide the right data. 

Set Reminders

Schedule data collection deadlines for your team and your supplier network.

Easier Reporting

Streamline recurring data requests for timely reporting.

Get Visibility Into Your Network

Supply Chain Mapping (SCM) is an integral module in several of our offerings. It provides better visibility and data control over ever-changing networks. Coupled with Swift Trace, SCM powers a robust and automated data system for compliance initiatives including Forced Labor Prevention. 

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