The TrusTrace Platform

The New Standard of Traceability

Measuring the true environmental and social impacts of the products requires primary data from your supply chain. This is the New Standard of Traceability. TrusTrace provides you with all the tools you need to source first-hand data, conduct due diligence and actively trace millions of data transactions in your supply chains.
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Compliant. Sustainable. Scalable.

TrusTrace is the leading traceability and compliance data platform for fashion and footwear brands. Get data from the unknown suppliers network, prove regulatory compliance with data, and improve the impact of your value chains.

Leading Platform

Powering global scale traceability programs that record millions of supply chain data points each month.

For Fashion

Built to accelerate compliance data collection for all types of materials, sourcing schemes and value processes.

Timeless Design

Scaleable to provide you with data for reporting and regulatory compliance needs as you grow.


Proven to process at least a few million supply chain data points per brand each month.

Sustainable Supplier Management

Streamline certificate management, conduct assessments and compliance data from your supplier network with Sustainable Supplier Management. Get greater visibility on what’s happening outside of your immediate network connections.



View everything related to suppliers and their facilities in one place.

Fit for Fashion

Compatible with all sourcing models and value processes used in textile supply chains.


Configure supplier templates to fit your specific data requirements and reporting needs.

Supply Chain Mapping

Collect and classify data coming directly from suppliers onto the platform. Gain visibility over complex supplier networks and screen for hidden risks.


Intuitive Mapping

Maintain an interactive supply chain map of each shipment and quick access to its linked documentation.

Set Data Fields

Set clear data expectations with anyone in your supplier network and standardize it by shipment or tier at scale.

Risk Assessment

Screen newly nominated facilities for potential supply chain risks or flags for data quality control.

Intelligence Integrations

Connect a third-party database to enhance confidence and detection of risky supply chain actors.

Swift Trace

Establish traceability and compliance of shipments with the ease of automated evidence recognition and data extraction. Retrieve the chain-of-custody for a shipment in a few clicks and maintain steady visibility over your supply chain operations.

Evidence by PO

Evidence is collated by the PO, better preparing you for trade or port entry declarations.

Accurate Data

SwiftTrace automatically classifies the evidence and then extracts the essential data based on the document type.

English Translations

Swift Trace recognizes, extracts and translates key data points into English.

Automated Flagging

Get notified of potential entities of concern as you receive evidence from mapping your supply chains.

Real Time Trace

Feel confident about each shipment’s chain-of-custody record with lot-level tracing and collect granular data for any material in real-time.

Efficient Extraction

Protect against fraud and data extraction errors in real-time with our AI-powered data engine.

Digital Chain of Custody

Prove the provenance and compliance of each shipment with evidence from all actors in the supply chain.

Linked by PO

All records of lot movements and valid certifications are automatically linked to the associated PO.

Any Sourcing Model

Data recording and validations that fit the scope of your sourcing strategies.

Traceability Built For Speed and Scale


Proven plug-and-play deployment and integrations with existing supply chain software such as ERP, PLM, BI and more.

Enhanced with AI

Innovating with AI to continually improve the efficiency of extracting supply chain evidence and the advancement of traceability.

Built for Scale

As a SaaS platform, TrusTrace scales together with your growth and supply chain traceability maturity.

Secure and Mature

Our development follows the OWASP Security principles, GS1 standards, and maintains ISO 27001 certification.
For Brands

Benefits For Brands

Increase visibility, efficiency, and compliance of your supply chain network with a digital traceability solution from TrusTrace. Visualize traceability for high-risk supply chains to get to know your Tier 2-4 suppliers and prove compliance.

For Suppliers

Benefits for Suppliers

Reduce the time and paperwork to meet client requirements for documents and declarations. TrusTrace for Suppliers features easy uploading of 1000s documents at once AI-powered translation into English and immediate linking to client POs.

ready to trace?

Take control of your supply chain risk, compliance, and impact with the world's leading traceability platform for fashion, footwear and textile supply chains. Start by speaking with the TrusTrace team today.