Swift Trace

Imagine centralizing full traceability of your supply chains with just the PO. You can with Swift Trace. Collate all traceability and transparency data requirements to map all facilities involved in your shipments, assess ESG risks with primary data and retrieve it all using the PO number. Swift Trace translates all uploaded document into English, and gives you instant alerts of any missing documentation, risky entities, and invalid data associated with your shipments simply with the PO.


Intelligent PO Tracing


AI-Powered Data Extraction


Automated Translation


Automated Evidence Management

Real Time Trace

Proving country of origin is possible when the data collection begins at the farm or mine. Record data transactions on the go with Real Time Trace. Collect the proof of production directly from the site as materials are transformed throughout the value chain, starting from the origin site. Real Time Trace takes evidence at the time of each value process and provides immediate visibility via a verified chain-of-custody for high-risk materials, allowing you to handle risks proactively. 


AI-Powered Document Digitization


Digital Chain of Custody


PO Reconciliation


Flexible Framework to Handle Different Sourcing Models

Supply Chain Mapping

Standardize, digitalize and centralize the data you wish to capture from your entire supplier network for easier ESG-related reporting. With Supply Chain Mapping, you decide when, how, who and what kind of primary data is collected for traceability. Visualize your supply chain across the world for high-risk production, and boost mapping with one of our partnering database integrations. 


Supply Chain Data Collection and Visualization


Configurable Data Granularity


Supply Chain Network Risk Assessment


Integration with Third-Party Risk Databases

Sustainable Supplier Management

Process all your supplier data including certificates, audit reports, ESG performance and other documents in one place. Get more in one user-friendly view to gain insights, manage risks in your supplier network and stay on track to meet your corporate sustainability goals.  


Scope Certificate Management


Digital Supplier Assessment


ESG Assessment Questionnaires


AI-Powered Audit Certificates Processing

Traceability Built for Speed and Scale


Future Proof

Built for enterprise-scale with proven plug-and-play deployment. 


Pioneering AI Automation

Innovating with AI to continually automate and advance supply chain traceability. 


Connected and Enriched

Open connectivity with APIs and enterprise-ready integrations. 


Secure and Mature

Our development follows the OWASP Security principles, GS1 standards, and maintains ISO 27001 certification. 

Case study: Filippa K

A quest for full transparency

Well-placed with Filippa K’s core philosophy of simple, minimal and sustainable, we worked together with the Swedish fashion brand to bring their impact efforts all the way down to the label through customised sustainable tags for a large retailer.


Benefits for Brands

Increase your visibility, efficiency, and collaboration with your supply chain network and meet ESG goals with a digital traceability solution from TrusTrace. Visualize traceability for high-risk supply chains using self-declared and hard evidence documents. 


Benefits for Suppliers

Reduce the time and paperwork to meet client requirements for documents and declarations. TrusTrace for Suppliers features Drag-and-Drop document uploading for up to 1000 documents at once and automatic translations into English to help you immediately link the data to the exact client PO. 

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