What Your Sourcing Model Says About Your Traceability Readiness

20 November 2023

Megan Doyle

Sustainable Fashion Journalist

How and where you start your traceability journey will determine the success of your implementation. Working with your traceability solution provider, analyze the overall objectives to create a plan for your program launch. This will be driven by two critical factors: your sourcing model and the quality and maturity of your master data. These tables set out three of the most common sourcing models, the requirements for internal readiness and realistic goals for the short term:

The Traceability Roadmap v1,4 (dragged)-1

The Traceability Roadmap v1,4 (dragged) 2

The Traceability Roadmap v1,4 (dragged) 2 copy

Implementing a traceability strategy without the support and alignment of all your key stakeholders is like building a house without a blueprint — the result is unlikely to resemble your vision or fit your needs.

The right solution for your business will emerge from discussions with internal and external stakeholders, taking into consideration the wider business goals, as well as your company’s sourcing model and data maturity. Keep in mind that this process could take months, but significant investment decisions shouldn’t be rushed. 

This story is an excerpt from the Traceability Roadmap, TrusTrace's step-by-step guide to implementing traceability in fashion supply chains. Read the full report here

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