Swift Trace

Classify and Connect Data From Each Shipment

Establish traceability and compliance of shipments with the ease of automated evidence recognition and data extraction. Retrieve the chain of custody for a shipment in a few clicks and maintain steady visibility over your supply chain operations.
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Trace by Shipment

Evidence is collated by the PO, better preparing you for trade or port entry declarations.

Robust Data Recognition

Automated recognition, classification and key data extraction of documents.

Continuous Risk Detection

Data inputs are constantly screened for areas of concerns and potential business risks.


Automated Chain of Custody

Automate evidence collection and data validation for continuous monitoring of supply chain compliance against internal and regulatory requirements.

Extract Key Data

Swift Trace automatically classifies the evidence and then extracts the essential data based on the document type.

Translations to English

Key data points including buyer, seller, product type, etc are recognized, extracted and translated into English onto the platform.

Linked to PO

Once the document type is identified the evidence and its extracted data are immediately linked to the correct PO.

Cross-checked Data

All data undergoes a series of quality tests to screen for discrepancies or potential fraudulent claims.


Autopilot Evidence Collection

Automated evidence collection capabilities allow you to efficiently and consistently gather regulatory-compliant data from suppliers. The cadence of requests can be set for as many shipments or styles required.

Bulk Requests

Send out one evidence collection request to multiple suppliers at once.

Schedule Requests

Set the cadence for regular evidence collection for every shipment or a selected allotment of a style.


bulk upload of evidence

In the supplier portal of Swift Trace, evidence submissions are made easier with a user-friendly workflow that allows for bulk uploading of documents and automated data extraction by the supplier.

Bulk Upload

Bulk uploading of all relevant files or evidence documents at the same time.

Evidence Library

Recurring evidence is stored and retrieved from the evidence library so long as it is valid, saving the supplier some effort.

Smart Filters

Swift Trace has smart filtering which allows suppliers to sort and locate specific documents quickly.

Streamlined Reporting

Streamlined workflows and useful data automations support suppliers to submit the evidence per your requirements.


Automated Risk Screening

Monitor the risk profile of each PO with Swift Trace. Evidence is cross-checked with third-party risk databases for continuous screening of potential areas of concerns.

Uncover Risks

Detect risky actors involved in your supply chains as you uncover more of the supplier network.

Continuous Screening

Enable continuous risk screening by integrating with a third-party risk database.


Verify Compliance and Claims

Swift Trace is an integral module in several of our offerings. It provides faster shipment tracing and evidence filing as you uncover more of your supplier network. Coupled with Supply Chain Mapping, Swift Trace powers a robust and automated data system for compliance initiatives including Forced Labor Prevention. 

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