Traceability News to Read from October

Traceability News to Read from October

Welcome to the Traceability Edit, TrusTrace's curated list of news to know from the month. In October, fibre fraud is rife in fashion, the industry faces massive sustainable material shortages, and Fashion For Good releases its new report: The Great Unlock.

Sustainably Influenced Podcast: Blockchain, AI, and Tech's Role in Climate Action with Anja Sadock from TrusTrace. Speaking to the Sustainably Influenced podcast, Anja explains how technology is empowering individuals and organisations to take meaningful steps in the fight against climate change. 

Learning From Lululemon: Disclosure Laws Won’t Fix Forced Labor by Gayathri KrishnaJudy Fudge and Kaitlyn Matulewicz for the Fashion Law. Global forced labour laws are not preventing occurrences in fashion's supply chains, believe researchers from the School of Labor Studies at McMaster University.

Fashion Industry’s Labor, Climate Impact Piques State Scrutiny by Brenna Goth for Bloomberg. Looking to the Fashion Act for guidance, lawmakers around the U.S. are aiming to implement similar stringent climate and labour laws in neighbouring states. 

Fashion Faces Massive Shortage of More Sustainable Raw Materials by Sarah Kent for the Business of Fashion. The supply of lower impact raw materials will need to dramatically increase by 2030 for the industry to align with incoming regulation and decarbonisation commitments, says Kent.

The Great Unlock: Closing The Innovation Commercialisation Gap Through Project Finance Solutions by Fashion For Good and Spring Lane Capital. "The trajectory of scaling innovation comprises distinct phases, each escalating in complexity and cost. The transition from R&D, through piloting, to demonstration scale is crucial to prove commercial viability and attract further investment into these new innovations."

Fashion Manufacturers ‘Can’t Act Green When in the Red’ by Laura Husband for Just Style. The International Apparel Federation’s president Cem Altan discusses the industry's current challenges and solutions at this year's World Fashion Convention.  

Supply Chain Innovation is Sorely Needed. Who's Going to Fund It? by Megan Doyle for Vogue Business. Investment opportunities are everywhere, but financiers are hesitant to make the first move, meaning innovative solutions are stuck in limbo and unable to scale or meet demand.

Are Shorter Supply Chains The Answer To Fashion’s Sustainability Problem? by Jess Fleischer for the Interline. "Long lead times in fashion’s supply chain lead to a fundamental mismatch between supply and demand, creating excess inventory, products that are mistimed to meet trend windows, and an inability for brands to react to changing and unpredictable market conditions."

Fast Fashion Is The Industry’s Sustainability Scapegoat. Here’s Why That’s Wrong, And What Should Happen by Brooke Roberts-Islam for Forbes. In this piece for Forbes, Roberts-Islam unpicks the narrative around fast fashion being inherently unsustainable.

Fibre Fraud: Fashion’s Labelling Scandal by Marcus Jaye for the Industry.Fashion. How can we accelerate the circular economy when we don't truly know what is in our clothes? Jaye investigates fibre fraud. 







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