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Traceability News to Read from August

31 August 2023

TrusTrace Sustainability team

Welcome to the Traceability Edit, TrusTrace's curated list of news to know from the month. In August, the reality of fashion's retail returns, and how traceability became the latest eco-friendly buzzword in apparel. 

The Scandalous Reality Of Fashion Retail’s Returns by Emma Finamore for Drapers. Where do unwanted returns really go? Drapers examines the returns sector to uncover the prevalent issues.

Sustainable Fashion As Oxymoron: Interrogating Your Business Practices by Adam Taubenfligel for Forbes. Three questions to get any brand started on its sustainability journey.

Startups Are Vying to Fix One of Fashion’s Fossil-Fueled Secrets by Olivia Rockeman and Coco Liu for Bloomberg. "Transferring dye to fabric is incredibly carbon-intensive. Newer sustainable techniques, including colouring with carbon dioxide, may help."

Why Brooks Running Is Putting Its Best Foot Forward For Supply Chain Transparency by Ria Kakkad for Sustainability Beat. Learn more about TrusTrace partner Brooks and the brand's journey to achieving traceability and transparency in its supply chain.

Can The Fashion Industry Move From Recycled Bottles To Reused Threads? by Angeli Mehta for Reuters. Just 1% of clothing is recycled into new textiles despite 74% of post-consumer textiles suitable for recycling. How can fashion close the gap?

Can Fast Fashion Kick Its Dirty Habits? by Lauren Indvik and Alice Hancock for the Financial Times. "The proliferation of cheap, shortlived garments has come at an enormous environmental and social cost. The EU is preparing to end it."

How Traceability Became The Latest Eco-Friendly Buzzword In Apparel by Maria Monteros for Modern Retail. Unlike other greenwashing claims — such as green, clean or vegan — traceability is increasingly becoming part of policies in some markets.

AI Aids Brand Accountability For Traced Apparel Waste by Rachel Lawler for Just Style. "For 84.78% of the items analysed using the AI tool, the brand of the garment was easily identifiable. The researchers say this information can help create feedback loops with brands, which they say may help to 'nudge producers towards sustainable production'."

What Big Brands’ Sustainability Reports Won’t Tell You by Kenneth Pucker for Business of Fashion. Does ESG reporting actually contribute to a more sustainable future for the industry?

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