You Can Now Listen to the TrusTrace Traceability Playbook

You Can Now Listen to the TrusTrace Traceability Playbook

No time to read the TrusTrace Traceability Playbook? We're pleased to announce that you can now listen to the audiobook version on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music! 

The TrusTrace Traceability Playbook was first launched in June 2022, taking a holistic approach to understanding supply chain traceability in the fashion industry. From the macro trends influencing fashion — legislation, the conscious consumer, the circular economy and the climate crisis — to the finer details of implementing a traceability solution to your business, the playbook is a comprehensive guide for fashion industry professionals. 

The audiobook makes it easier than ever to gain up-to-date traceability insights with accessible episodes that cover laws and regulations, certifications, circularity, material innovation, data standards and much more. 

A key feature of the Playbook is the framework developed by TrusTrace to illustrate the depth of traceability that brands should strive for. In a chapter titled The Three Levels of Traceability, TrusTrace looks at supplier mapping, product and material level traceability, breaking down the basic components, necessary steps, limitations and business cases behind each level of traceability. This is a must-listen for companies at the start of their traceability transformation.

The Traceability Audiobook is performed by Megan Lozicki and produced by Jocelyn Chan. Listen to it below or find the playbook on your favourite streaming platform by searching: The Traceability Playbook.

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