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Product footprint

Compute and improve your product footprint across multiple ESG parameters like carbon footprint, working conditions, water use and biodiversity.


Product compliance
and labelling

Automate the compliance check of products meeting your custom label criteria or different retailer’s sustainability labelling criteria.

Product quality and safety

Ensure your products are produced using the right quality materials and meet all safety requirements.


Customer communication

Communicate your sustainability efforts with your customers to promote conscious consumerism.


Managing sustainability, made easy

Trusted and used by 10,000+ users globally.



Store, analyse and act on millions of product and supplier data points.


Configure any product or material and the system will adapt and process accordingly.


Seamless integration with enterprise IT systems to get better value from your data.


Saves time

Get started in a few hours, and go live in six weeks.

All in one place

Obtain all relevant data for stakeholders in one place.

Accurate & authentic

High confidence in the data through AI based data validation.

Client case: Icebug

Efficient sustainability data management system for performance footwear brand

One shoe can have 50 different components and global supply chains that span across five tiers. Using TrusTrace, Icebug integrated all sustainability data for their shoes in a single system and they are able to use the data for sustainability claims and carbon footprint calculation.

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Reduce your supply chain risk with 360 degree data on your suppliers in a single place. Identify and analyse suppliers across tiers to ensure sustainability standards are met, managed and enhanced.

Lot Traceability

Move beyond supplier-product mapping to gain even greater control – establish traceability at lot level from raw material to finished product to bring 100% confidence to your product and sustainability claims.


Footprint & Compliance

Automate the compliance check of your products to meet your sustainability criteria and work towards continuous improvement of your product footprint – effortlessly.

Sustainable Retailing

Ensure your supplying brands’ sustainability values match your own. Enable transparent communication directly to end consumer and empower conscious consumption.

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