Certified Material Compliance

Trace your certified material value chains and start linking certified material data to thousands of POs with TrusTrace. Fill in gaps and manage material integrity in one place to be audit-ready.

Supplier Data Management

Take your supply chain and supplier data out of static spreadsheets and into the cloud with TrusTrace. Start managing supplier facility details, audit records and other supplier ESG data in one place.


Supply Chain Mapping

Trace your final products from garment-backwards, visualize it with traceability trees and prove countries of origin with TrusTrace. Our product, Supply Chain Mapping collects and stores documentation for specific products and styles.

Our Technology

TrusTrace is a cloud-based traceability platform and our reporting is modelled after GS1 compliance standards. TrusTrace integrates with other software using APIs, and is ISO 27001 certified.

Managing sustainability, made easy

Trusted and used by 10,000+ users globally.



Store, analyse and act on millions of product and supplier data points.


Configure any product or material and the system will adapt and process accordingly.


Seamless integration with enterprise IT systems to get better value from your data.


Saves time

Get started in a few hours, and go live in six weeks.

All in one place

Obtain all relevant data for stakeholders in one place.

Accurate & authentic

High confidence in the data through AI based data validation.

Case study: Filippa K

A quest for full transparency

Well-placed with Filippa K’s core philosophy of simple, minimal and sustainable, we worked together with the Swedish fashion brand to bring their impact efforts all the way down to the label through customised sustainable tags for a large retailer.

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Trace smarter. Trace faster.

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