The New Standard

Prove Your Impact With True Data

Centralize your supply chain data to discover and manage risk, prove regulatory compliance and improve impact. TrusTrace powers high volume traceability with primary data for all materials and tiers for fashion, footwear and textile supply chains.
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Know Supply Chain Risks

Analyze data, screen for sourcing risks and establish shipment tracing on the leading traceability and compliance platform for fashion, footwear and textiles. Collect the data directly from suppliers and integrated supply chain tools according to regulatory reporting requirements. With over 18,000+ suppliers actively tracing online, gaining transparency into specific shipment supply chains is reliable with TrusTrace.

Prove Regulatory Compliance

Establish the full chain-of-custody for any material or sourcing strategy using AI. Trace millions of shipment data transactions each month to prove supply chain compliance. Have complete evidence to verify your compliance and product claims in regulatory and consumer communications.

Improve Sustainability Impact

Get comprehensive documentation and product data throughout the supply chain to inform impact opportunities and gain higher confidence in your impact measurement. Integrate TrusTrace with intelligence databases, life-cycle assessment tools or enterprise resource planning software to enable supply chain optimization and ESG initiatives.

The TrusTrace Platform


Compliant. Sustainable. Scalable.

TrusTrace is the leading traceability and compliance data platform for fashion and footwear brands. Get data from the unknown suppliers network, prove regulatory compliance with data, and improve the impact of your value chains.


Forced Labor Prevention

Discover concealed detention risks in your supply chains with the Forced Labor Prevention Solution. TrusTrace eases traceability and due diligence processes with AI to swiftly link supplier declarations and evidence to shipments, allowing you to detect and mitigate nonconformities to uphold compliance.

The Traceability Roadmap

The TrusTrace Traceability Roadmap is a practical guide to implementing traceability in your company’s supply chain.

Aligning theory with real-life case studies, interviews and useful tools to support your journey, the Roadmap is a holistic guide to implementing traceability from ideation to rollout and beyond.

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Streamline Your Traceability Data

Automated Certificate Processing

Track transaction and scope certificates in a standardized, digital and scalable way across your organization using our AI-driven platform.

Make Claims With Confidence

Get granular visibility into the chain of custody down to the % of certified materials and gather evidence needed to meet compliance requirements and mitigate risks.

Real Data on Value Chain Impact

Invite suppliers to send primary data direct from the value chain to monitor supply chain and compliance adherence and stay audit-ready.


Traceability Tech To Meet Fashion's Needs

TrusTrace is active in the textile supply chain ecosystem with memberships and advisory positions within influential communities such as Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the American Apparel and Footwear Association, Leather Working Group, Swedish Institute for Standards and Forest Stewardship Council to name a few. By being an active member of these associations and working groups, we ensure that technology is part of the discussion and solution when developing industry standards.
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The Traceability Playbook for Fashion Supply Chains

As seen at Global Fashion Summit 2022, The Traceability Playbook is your guide to achieving supply chain traceability with proven models and trend insights from thought-leading industry experts to assist you on your journey. Get your free copy!


Seamless Integration

As a SaaS provider, we understand the challenges of implementing a new system. Our platform runs on a reliable open API that allows seamless integration with your existing workflows. Through a range of customizable sustainability applications, we automatically collect data from your suppliers, guaranteeing accurate collection and validation.


ready to trace?

Take control of your supply chain risk, compliance, and impact with the world's leading traceability platform for fashion, footwear and textile supply chains. Start by speaking with the TrusTrace team today.