Our platform brings together the power of world-class technology and the ease of SaaS – enabling 10,000+ users across the globe to collaborate seamlessly.


Data security & privacy

Security is central to our design and the platform meets all OWASP security requirements. Best in class encryption and granular data access control guarantees higher security for your data. We follow GDPR and continuously monitor potential security threats.

Multi-channel data collection

Simplified data collection interface - via email, folder sync, bots, webform, APIs. Through these various interfaces we can process different types of inputs like text, images, PDFs, excel files to provide rich and easy access of data to customers.

AI Engine for data validation

Our AI/OCR based document classification & extraction engine extracts relevant information from different types of documents and can be easily trained to process new document types to fully automate the data validation process.

Customisable for your business needs

Backed by a metadata based customisation the platform facilitates adaptation to your needs. As a customer, you can use your own calculation methodologies, labels and product attributes to create a tailor-made traceability program.

High availability and scalability

Our cloud native architecture and partnerships with world class service providers helps the solution to have high availability and scalability. Our business critical solutions and services are backed by industry approved service level agreements.

Tamper-proof blockchain network

A permissioned open source blockchain designed to decentralise and secure the product information (raw materials, processed materials and finished goods). Authentic data on claims/evidences that can be validated by all stakeholders in the network.

Everything in one place, with seamless integration

As a SaaS provider, we understand the challenges of implementing a new system. Our platform runs on a reliable open API that allows seamless integration with your existing workflows. Through a range of customisable sustainability applications, we automatically collect data from your suppliers, guaranteeing accurate collection and validation.

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