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Your wardrobe could be robbing the planet!

May 31, 2017  

We have all seen the ill-effects of pollution on our planet. We think of pollution and associate it with big chemical industries, oil companies and the like. Did you know that apparel & textile industry is the second most polluting industry, just behind oil. Not only it is the 2nd most polluting industry, but also is plagued with un-ethical practices in terms of poor working conditions, non-compliance to fair wages etc.,

It is imperative to bring about a change in the way consumers buy fashion and how it is produced. Businesses have to find economically sustainable ways of producing the right way - without depleting the resources of the planet. This needs an industry wide change in behavior and cooperation from various players across the supply chain. Initiatives like the Sustainable apparel coalition, Better cotton Initiative, Higg Index, ZDHC, shows the willingness of the industry to adapt this, and bring about transparency in the industry.

To make a significant reduction on the negative impact of the industry, these initiatives has to trickle down to the last mile and every supplier has to be on-boarded to collaborate and share information on these initiatives. It is a mighty task to on-board every supplier and it is an even mightier task to ensure the validity of the information shared.

Our solution brings suppliers across the value chain, brands, consumers, certification bodies, evidence providers on the same platform to share, monitor and communicate information regarding sustainability and ethical practices. We believe by empowering the consumers to make the right choice, we can help establish a market for Sustainable fashion. It is extremely important for brands to nurture and develop such a market, and reliability of data on sustainability claims is very important aspect in ensuring that. Our solution helps brands seamlessly collect information, validate it using evidences and trust providers and communicate that to end customers.

Conscious consumerism and responsible production, has to go hand in hand to decrease the impact on planet earth.