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June 13, 2024
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About this webinar

Digital Product Passports, which will soon become the standard for all textile products placed on the EU market, are pivotal for the EU to get the data, insights and infrastructure needed to power a circular economy and achieve net-zero by 2050. But while the need for DPPs is clear, how to effectively prepare for and implement them is not.

In this live-panel webinar, participants get a chance to gain a deeper perspective on how to implement DPPs, elaborating on topics and learnings shared in the 3rd TrusTrace industry playbook: "Unlocking DPP: The Why, What and How of Digital Product Passports."

Participants will learn from experts who have piloted DPPs on real-life garments in the first textile-specific end-to-end case study for how to implement DPPs, including Sandra Roos, Vice President of Sustainability at Kappahl, Jenny Wärn, Director of Product Operations at TrusTrace, and Karolin Catala, Product Specialist at GS1.

The session will be moderated by Brooke Roberts-Islam, author of "Unlocking DPP" and Founder of Techstyler.

Featured Speakers

Sandra Roos

Vice President of Sustainability, Kappahl

Karolin Catela

Product Specialist, GS1 Sweden

Brooke Roberts-Islam

Founder, Techstyler and Author of "Unlocking DPP"

Jenny Wärn

Director of Product Operations, TrusTrace


This webinar will cover:

  • The essential knowledge needed to prepare for DPPs
  • A clear understanding of what the DPP is and why it’s set to become an essential part of business as usual, how it will work and when it will come into force.
  • Who and what is in scope for DPP, and guidance on how to prepare for it.
  • An understanding of what data is needed for textile-specific DPPs
  • Useful first hand lessons from an end-to-end live DPP pilot for fashion products.
  • Expert insights to help guide pragmatic, senior level action on beginning DPP preparation.
  • An understanding of business opportunities that can be achieved with the DPP beyond simply a requirement to comply.
  • Q&A

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