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Decree under the French Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Law (AGEC) (Décret n° 2022-748 du 29 avril 2022 relatif à l’information du consommateur sur les qualités et caractéristiques environnementales des produits générateurs de déchets) is building upon existing regulations to provide consumers with more information at the time of purchase. AGEC requires companies to make weight based declarations of recycled material content and disclose the traceability of main materials by showing countries of origin.

AGEC Requirement

 Availability in TrusTrace

Traceability of main material by weight and declare countries of origin

  Supplier Data Management

  Supply Chain Mapping

Recycled Material Content

The information must be disclosed in terms of total proportion in weight: “product containing at least X% recycled material”

  Material Compliance

Release of Microplastics  Currently not supported in TrusTrace
Recyclability  Currently not supported in TrusTrace
Presence of Harmful Substances  Currently not supported in TrusTrace

The data can be presented to consumers similar to this example:


Name of the Product and commercial reference

Incorporation of recycled materials

This product contains at least 30% recycled materials


Product mostly recyclable

Presence of Harmful Substances No harmful substances in accordance with REACH
(EC 1907/2006)
Traceability (example for textiles) Weaving = India
Dyeing / Printing = India
Assembling = France
Release of Microplastics This product releases Microplastics into the environment during washing

Do you want to learn more about the AGEC Decree?

Download our Solutions Whitepaper for AGEC Décret n° 2022-748 and receive a comprehensive overview of the decree, including how to structure data for requirements, data communication and data management.

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Mapping of main material by weight of each style

Get visibility into the supply chain of complex multi-component products. Map known suppliers and collaborate to discover ones upstream.

Prove recycled material content by weight

Back product material claims using weight-based calculations along the supply chain, and record the evidence leveraging a digital chain-of-custody.


Pre-program data required for declarations

Structure the type of data you want from your supply chain and scale out the collection in TrusTrace. Set requirements based on AGEC and other regulations.

Centralize all the data for communications

Integrate product and supply chain data from PLM and ERP systems to get a more holistic view on each product’s traceability and readiness for consumer communication.

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Material Compliance

Start tracing material value chains to prove material integrity. Automate the linking of evidence to hundred of thousands of POs with TrusTrace, manage traceability at scale in one place, and be audit-ready.


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