What is Supply Chain Traceability?

Traceability is the process of tracing the origins, movement, and evolution of products and materials. Supply Chain Traceability becomes incredibly complex as more parts and material value chains are involved, especially for large brands with thousands of products and suppliers along the value chain, spread across multiple continents. It requires collaboration, automation, and investment in data-driven systems.

How does TrusTrace assist fashion brands at different levels of Traceability?

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Supply Chain Mapping

If you’re at the start of the journey you’re likely in the process of getting visibility of your suppler chain starting with a list of direct suppliers. Before traceability can happen, you need to clearly understand the connections and relationships happening within your supply chains.


Product Traceability

To get to this stage, the brand already has the data from some suppliers and sub-suppliers, and understands the boundaries of their supply chain network. The next phase consists of starting to connect the dots between sub-suppliers in a product’s value chain.


Material Traceability

Brands at this stage have enough visibility into the product supply chain and can start tracing the material content per product order using material-forward traceability methods - for numerous products and suppliers along the value chain, spread across multiple continents.

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