Your Guide to Tracing

This playbook is your guide to understanding the premise and scope of fashion supply chain traceability. Get insights from various industry experts working with traceability and circularity, review proven models and industry trends, and gain overview of the regulatory landscape.

A Playbook for Fashion Brands

Supply Chain Traceability becomes complex as more parts and material value chains are involved, especially for large brands with thousands of products and suppliers across multiple continents. It requires collaboration, automation, and investment in data-driven systems.

This first ever Traceability Playbook for Fashion Supply Chains was published in collaboration with Fashion for Good and Fashion Revolution. 


  • What is product- and material-level traceability
  • Incoming legislations that are driving change 
  • Data and technology critical for achieving this transformation
  • Interviews, research, and analysis
  • Practical examples and case studies from global brands


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Everything you need to accelerate your traceability journey

Traceability vs. Transparency

Know the difference between Traceability and Transparency

Material Trends

Understand the trends impacting fashion  traceability and materials

Incoming Legislation

Learn about legislations that regulate textile supply chain transparency and compliance

Customer Stories

Get inspired by brand case studies including adidas and Gucci

Data Models

Discover data models for supply chain traceability 

Supplier Insights

Get the supplier perspective on supply chain transformation challenges


Learn how traceability is implemented at scale by global brand

Three Levels of Traceability

Explore TrusTrace’s Three Levels of Traceability for textile supply chains


Our Collaborators


Megan Doyle

Sustainable Fashion Journalist

Liv Simpliciano

Fashion Revolution

James Crowley

Fashion for Good

Ina Budde

Paul Foulkes-Arellano

Circuthon Consulting

Maeve Galvin

Fashion Revolution

Rogier van Mazijk

Fashion for Good

Nicole Rawling

Material Innovation Initiative

Akhil Sivanandan

Green Story

Amina Razvi

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Baptiste Carriere-Pradal

Policy Hub

Featured Customer Stories

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The Traceability Audiobook

Want to listen to The Traceability Playbook on-the-go? Our first industry Playbook is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music!





The Traceability Roadmap

Are you looking to take the next step in your traceability journey? The Traceability Roadmap is the follow-up playbook to implementing traceability in your company's supply chain. 

Aligning theory with real life case studies, interviews, and useful tools to support your journey, the Roadmap is a practical guide to implementing traceability from ideation to rollout and beyond.

The Traceability Roadmap Flat Render

ready to trace?

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