Product Data Sharing

Collect. Manage. Share.

Enable seamless, up-to-date data sharing for your entire product portfolio with automated traceability data collection, management and sharing.
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Enable Data Transparency

Collect product-specific supply chain data to easily manage and share it with regulators, consumers and other stakeholders.

All Products

Streamline data collection, storage, management and sharing. Easy to scale across your portfolio as disclosure requirements evolve.

Always Compliant

Flexible data sharing infrastructure ensures alignment with current and future requirements, such as AGEC and the Digital Product Passport.

Learn More

To learn more about requirements such as AGEC and the Digital Product Passport, download our whitepapers.

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Traceability data collection

Collect supplier data to see the full supply chain per product. Gather critical information such as facility name, address, location, region, country, TaxID, value processes and audit results on an ongoing basis at scale.

Supports Your Sourcing Models

Streamline supplier data collection for all major sourcing models, including CMT and FPP.

Configure Your Data

Configure the data collection per product to meet current and future regulatory and commercial needs.

Automate Data Collection

Dispatch data requests to your supplier network with one click and automate recurring requests.

Data repository

Stay on top of all product data with centralized data management and access. Maintain control over your product data sharing required by AGEC and more.

Automated Data Exchange

API integrations enable seamless data sharing between your IT systems and the TrusTrace platform.

Centralize Data

Centralize data about product design, production and traceability in one place for easy management and disclosure.

Consumer Communication Hub

Maintain accurate data about your products in your consumer-facing channels, e-commerce sites and retail partner portals. The consumer data hub automatically fetches and distributes data to keep everything up-to-date. No manual editing needed.

Automatic Data Syncing

All data updates across systems are automatically synced with your apps, website or ecommerce platforms to keep them up-to-date.

Easy Consumer Access

Easily share information about each product with consumers online or in stores using QR codes.

Multiple Data Sources

The Consumer Communication Hub automatically fetches data from multiple data sources for seamless data sharing.

Built for DPP

Built to deliver on current and future requirements for the Digital Product Passport.

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