certified material compliance

make precise and verifiable claims

Save time and gain certainty of the certified material composition with the Certified Material Compliance solution. Get a constant overview of valid supplier certifications and chain of custody records per PO on the platform.
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Precise Claims

Claim the percentage of certified material content accurately based on validated evidence.

Certificates Centralized

All certificates in one place, linked to the right PO and flagged when missing. 


Traceability that scales to meet you needs, easily traces 1 million+ data points with evidence monthly 
Real Time Trace

Automated Certificate Management

Certified Material Compliance offers centralization of all supplier certificates and documentation on the TrusTrace platform. You track the progress, get alerts when certificates are missing, review data flags, and easily access all supplier certificates to have confidence in upholding claims.

Valid Evidence

Have the right evidence with the right PO. Locating the correct certificate to back-up a claim is easier with a centralized library of certifications and additional evidence documentation.


All certificates are centralized in one place for more visibility and quicker communication around collecting needed documentation between you and your stakeholders.

Instant Overview

Leverage dashboards and reports to easily track progress in certificate collection. View pending requests and easily see if certificates are missing.

Certificate Checks

Get active alerts when evidence or data is missing to support the certified material claim of a shipment or PO.
Real Time Trace

Automated PO Reconciliation

All data and material certificates uploaded onto TrusTrace from your suppliers are automatically linked to each PO, allowing you to check the fulfillment status and material integrity of your shipments.

Automated Linking

TrusTrace links documents from suppliers automatically to the correct PO.

Ensure Material Integrity

Validate the certified material content with evidence.

Delivery Check

Ensure the shipment is complete and accurately fulfilled.
Real Time Trace

Automated Data Validation

All data uploaded onto TrusTrace runs through a robust sequence of quality assurance checks for consistency and data validation. Errors detected are immediately flagged for review.

High Volume Capacity

Enterprise brands average over 1 million traceability data points per month on TrusTrace.

Robust Evidence

Make claims on certified material content with confidence.

Automated Testing

Quality of data is assured with a series of robust validation tests.
Real Time Trace

Digital Chain of Custody

Make claims with confidence, even if there are gaps in your certificate chain of custody. TrusTrace enables you to complete the chain of custody digitally, with suppliers filling in the missing information and evidence.

Fill Certificate Gaps

Using AI, TrusTrace determines if evidence is misplaced or missing.

Easy for Suppliers

Suppliers upload documents easily onto the platform.

Complete Chain of Custody

From raw materials to finished goods, create a complete chain of custody made up of certificates and digital recording of transactions between suppliers.

Visibility and Mapping for Confident Claims

Collating robust evidence efficiently for thouands of products is made easier with Certified Material Compliance. TrusTrace speeds up your supply chain mapping and evidence collection to make confident claims. Learn more about the modules powering this solution.

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