The traceability platform used by brands and suppliers


All Supplier Data on a Connected Platform

Process all your supplier data in one place. See locations, ESG metrics, value process and more all in one view. Get to supply chain insights faster with advanced filters.

Enhanced Facility Profiles

Map out your supplier network online and collaborate on the data. Augment the profiles with facility-level reports and data integrated from Higg FEM and FSLM modules.


Scope Certificate Management in the Cloud

Collaborate with suppliers to get more data in real-time and capture it all in the cloud to access and request details on demand.

Supplier Audits and Assessments

Manage supplier declarations, scope certificates and other evidence on the TrusTrace platform. Launch customized online assessments to complement existing physical audits.


Manage supplier data outside of spreadsheets

How does it work?



Invite direct suppliers to upload traceability details online: facility info, product orders, certificates, audit reports, etc.

Data Connectivity

Funnel product style and supply chain data from other systems onto TrusTrace using APIs.


Certificate details are uploaded onto TrusTrace automatically using AI-OCR.

All in one place

Turn piles of files into a single source of supply chain data truth.

What our customers say

“We want to collect certifications from our suppliers, and we also look to TrusTrace to help us gather data regarding fibers and supply chain for analysis.”



Trusted by brands to trace at scale


Supply Chain Mapping

Trace your final products from garment-backwards, visualize it with traceability trees and prove countries of origin with TrusTrace. Supply Chain Mapping collects and stores documentation for specific products and styles.

Certified Material Compliance

Start with tracing certified material value chains to prove material integrity. Automate the linking of certified material data to thousands of POs with TrusTrace and manage traceability in one place to be audit-ready.


Save time and trace more with TrusTrace.

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As of September 21, 2022, TrusTrace has an Overall Rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the Supplier Sustainability Applications market.

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