Turning piles of files into digital traceability

Digitize your data

Certified Material Compliance automates the data extraction and digitizes the supplier certificate data into the TrusTrace cloud.

Associate data with POs

Get visibility and consolidation of all material traceability data to the respective PO. Know when shipments are fulfilled and compliant.

Digital chain-of-custody

Certified Material Compliance gathers all evidence pertaining to specific POs into a digital record of material traceability.

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Introducing Certified Material Compliance

Certified Material Compliance is the latest product that facilitates material traceability from TrusTrace.

This product fills evidence gaps in certified material supply chains with AI-digitization to create a digital chain-of-custody, and enables you to back up product claims in less time.

How it works

Start by tracing products with certified materials


Streamline certificate collection

Suppliers will upload transaction certificates for PO reconciliation and establishing chain-of-custody. These are digitally scanned and transcribed onto TrusTrace using AI-OCR.

Associate data to POs at scale

Automate consolidation of all product and material data to the respective PO to track what’s fulfilled and compliant.


All evidence with one click

Complete a chain-of-custody when certificates are missing. Get digital records of all evidence including transaction certificates linked to specific POs on demand with a click of a button.

Prove material integrity. Keep products on shelves.

Granular material transaction data is traced and follows POs to market. Maintain chain-of-custody digitally and stay compliance-ready with traceability.


Traceability doesn’t have to be manual.

We digitize supply chains and get brands tracing in 6 weeks.



Store, analyze and act on millions of product and supplier data points.


Configure any product or material and the system will adapt and process accordingly.

PLM Connectivity

Connect PLM or ERP systems to cut the time on data entry, and spend more time on tracing.



Get started in a few hours, and go live with material to PO traceability in six weeks.


Connect supplier evidences with material lots and purchase orders with less effort.


High confidence in the data through AI-powered data validation.


“As part of our commitment to sustainability, adidas has worked with TrusTrace to gain more visibility into our complete supply chain down to the materials level.”


Tracing fashion supply chains since 2016


Supplier Data Management

Take your supply chain and supplier data out of static spreadsheets and into the cloud with TrusTrace. Start managing supplier facility details, audit records and other supplier ESG data in one place.

Our Technology

TrusTrace is a cloud-based traceability platform and our reporting is modelled after GS1 compliance standards. TrusTrace achieved ISO 27001 certification in 2022.

Trusted by Global Brands and Sustainability Leaders

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