Sustainable Supplier Management

Unify Supplier Data and Reports

Streamline certificate management, conduct assessments and compliance data from your supplier network with Sustainable Supplier Management. Get greater visibility on what’s happening outside of your immediate network connections.
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View everything related to suppliers and their facilities in one place.

Fit for Fashion

Compatible with all sourcing models and value processes used in textile supply chains.


Configure supplier templates to fit your specific data requirements and reporting needs.

Onboarding Management

Increase transparency and access to supplier data information across teams for data-driven decision making on supply chain operations and management.

Rapid Onboarding

Streamlined supplier onboarding process that allows you to control what data comes from you versus the supplier.

Data Control

Choose from a range of preset or configurable data fields to streamline data collection from your supplier network.

Profile Completeness

Get a quick score on the data completeness of each supplier profile via a completion tracker.

Export Profiles

Export a list of all suppliers and facilities in your supplier network via Excel or API.

AI-Powered Certificate Management

View all certificates or specific details of your suppliers and facilities via the supplier profile. The data extraction is powered by AI which means data entry errors are minimized.

Scope Certificates Library

Manage scope certificates in a centralized repository on the platform.

Data Extraction

Safeguard against fraud and data entry errors with our AI-powered data engine.

Automatic Reminders

Dispatch notifications to suppliers when scope certificates are about to expire.

Audit Data Management

Manage audit reports together with the supplier facility data and certificates for a complete overview of their performance. Check the status of data collection or outstanding matters on the same platform.

Audit Templates

Choose an existing audit template or configure the form to fit your requirements.

Score Suppliers

Calculate a score based on the audit results to benchmark each supplier’s performance.

Insights Report

View non-conformities, scores or rating and other insights based on the audits in a Power BI report.

Issues Tracker

Overview of pending actions for non-conformities and issues found in the supplier network.

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