Real Time Trace

Lot-level Traceability in Real-time

Feel confident about each shipment’s chain-of-custody record with lot-level tracing and collect granular data for any material in real-time.
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Real-Time Granular Data

Data transparency in real-time that keeps you ready for compliance challenges and data-driven risk management.

Trace Any Material

Designate which products or materials, certified or uncertified, are prioritized for traceability.

Proven at Scale

Developed together with leading brands, Real Time Trace processes 1 million+ material data transactions per month for your brand.


Chain of Custody for All Materials

Confirm the handling of shipments between factories upstream of Tier 1 with real-time data collection directly onto the platform. Review the traceability data on demand to uphold compliance needs for all types of textile materials.

Instant Data

Monitor material movement as it happens and review data from suppliers as soon as it is recorded on the platform.

All Materials

Trace certified and conventional materials starting from any value process.

All Sourcing Models

Chain-of-custody workflow that aligns with your sourcing strategies.


Lot Level Data Collection

Capturing granular data that follows the lot movements ensures you will have high quality traceability data that supports a wide scope of regulations and internal due diligence needs. Our most granular data collection with documentation of material input, output, composition and waste for all product components.

Data Precision

Capture granular data per lot such as material composition, input and output, quantity and manufacturing date.


All your data in one place to manage current risk, compliance and impact – preparing you for future requirements.

Repurpose Your Data

Go beyond compliance with insights for waste improvement, inventory optimization, material utilization, and more.


Automated Certificate Extraction

Compatible with Textile Exchange Transaction- and Scope Certificates, Real Time Trace packages these documents with other evidence associated with the same PO to verify a product’s certification integrity.

Efficient Extraction

Safeguard against fraud, reduce data entry errors and validate documents faster using AI.

Faster Adoption

Suppliers drag and drop documents for upload. There is zero manual data entry.

Certificate Library

Centralized supplier certificates for easy management.

Linked by PO

All evidence of transactions and valid certifications for a shipment or PO are automatically linked.


Automated Data Validation

All data uploaded onto TrusTrace runs through a robust sequence of quality assurance checks for consistency and data validation. Errors detected are immediately flagged for review by the brand.

High Volume Capacity

Enterprise brands average at least 1 million traceability data points per month on TrusTrace.

Reliable Evidence

Cross-check between recorded data, uploaded certificates and brands IT systems.

Easily Manage Red Flags

Pre-configure responses to detected errors to quickly approve, ignore or stop the transaction.



To continually make certified material claims, you need Real Time Trace. This high quality and high precision module captures data on the lot-level, and establishes traceability for thousands of products at once. Streamline solutions for Certified Material Compliance with TrusTrace.

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