Madhava Venkatesh

CTO & Co-Founder
Member of Forbes Business Council

Madhav oversees the Product, Engineering and Sustainability/Innovation teams and sets the Product and Technology vision for the company.  

Madhava has been building solutions for 22+ years in cutting edge technology areas like Cloud & IoT, and in most cases, far ahead of the tipping point for these technologies. He has passionately developed multiple large scale software platforms and products that are deployed at multiple Fortune 500 customers and has helped large enterprises to leverage next-generation IT technologies to solve their critical business problems.   

During his professional tenure, Madhava has written IEEE papers, blogs and has 3 granted Patents from US PTO. He’s also been named CTO of the Year Europe in 2022 by numerous publications. He frequently shares his technological foresight in podcasts and articles, and is a member of Forbes Technology Council.  

Articles by Madhava:

Blockchain Is Not Enough: Data And Standards Will Help Solve Fashion’s Sustainability Challenge 

Why Fashion Supply Chain Traceability Is A Tech Challenge That Begins With AI 

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