High time to ACT as responsible RESIDENT of the planet

For long, we have acted as irresponsible residents plundering the resources at will and haven’t been bothered about the consequences. Two main reasons can be attributed to such behaviour – we are not aware of the consequences, and there was no one to police us. Both these behavioural reasons are not valid anymore.

Unless you are living under a rock, it is not possible to miss seeing the impact of our irresponsible behaviour, especially around climate change attributed by temperature rise. COP24, Paris Climate Convention, 1.5 Deg C, 2 Deg C are some of the most active topics on the internet these days. Also, this is an era of self-regulation, where businesses (Facebook, Google, etc.,) and public prefer taking responsibility for our current, past and future actions based on internal guidelines/policing instead of external watchdogs.2018 witnessed devastating floods, droughts due to changing weather patterns across the entire globe, and displaced millions of people and animals. As with most climate related changes, the worst affected group due to these changing climate conditions was the most vulnerable part of the society. It is high time we ACT responsibly and prevent things from going out of hand.What have we done so far?In 2015 about 200 nations gathered at Paris under the International Panel for Climatic Control and came up with a solution. It was to limit the temperature raise at 2˚ C above pre-industrial levels by 2100. Later, studies revealed that at the 2˚ C rate, could cause a lot of damages and that the temperature limit must be further reduced. If unattended, a lot of islands would lose a huge portion of their land to the rising sea water level. Recently, a revision was made by the IPCC to the 2˚ C target. the number was lowered to 1.5˚ C.What’s the difference between 1.5 and 2?½ a degree rise in average temperature is catastrophic.

420 million additional people will face the wrath of extreme heat waves.

Loss of plant species will be at 16% instead of 8% because of the ½ degree.

We will not have chocolate in the world by 2050, as Cocoa plants will become extinct

The Arctic ocean will be free of sea ice in summer every decade, increasing the frequerncy 10 fold. It is extremely important for each one of us, especially the businesses to ACT urgently and NOT WAIT for policy makers to save the WORLD.

Is this possible? Can Businesses and Individuals make an impact?The IPCC report says that this is a tough job but not an impossible one. The report further mentions unprecedent changes have to be make in the way we perceive and consume energy. It also states that a lot of international effort and emerging technologies should be made use of, and all this must happen over a period of the next 11 years. If the problem is unattended, the 1.5˚ C temperature would already be reached by 2030, well ahead of the 2100 mark.The Paris agreement is not a rule. It is solely based on trust and good will. It has provisions for nations to meet up on a regular basis and ramp us their ambitions about reducing the temperature limit but is voluntary. So, it is up to every nation and by the extension every responsible business leader to make it their agenda and strive towards it.Some nations, industries are leading the way and helping establish a trend for others to follow in this regard. The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action, by the Sustainable Fashion academy is one such initiative, launched by leading Swedish actors operating in the apparel and textiles industry. This is in alignment with the Climate Action in Fashion Initiative, launched by UN, where signatories have agreed to reduce their GHG emissions by at least 30% by 2030.Such positive initiatives are to be nurtured and supported by the various ecosystem players to make this a huge success that can motivate other industries and regions to follow suit. It is commendable for competing businesses to come together and work towards a common goal, leaving aside fears of losing business intelligence, secrecy etc., As mentioned in the IPCC report, technology can help these competing businesses forge a un-precedent level of collaboration without compromising on key business intelligence/privacy. GHG, energy consumption data across the entire supply chain can be (i) sensitive information to businesses (ii) and at the same time crucial for climate change initiatives.In such scenarios, it is important to protect the identity of the source of the GHG/Energy Consumption value, and at the same time ability to maintain an accurate ledger of these values. Blockchain provides an ideal way to do protect the privacy and data integrity and high efficiency and low footprint. Right combination of technology, intent and people will make the tough but not impossible job, and easier one to do, and by demonstrating that its easier than being what is thought about, will make a huge difference. Can we pull this off? We don’t have a choice!!
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