Time to Scale with Digital Traceability

TrusTrace provides supply chain traceability for global fashion and apparel brands that want to overcome challenges of tracing deep tiers in the value chain and reach sustainability goals.

Scalable Traceability For Complex Supply Chains


The Traceability Roadmap

The TrusTrace Traceability Roadmap is a practical guide to implementing traceability in your company’s supply chain.

Aligning theory with real-life case studies, interviews and useful tools to support your journey, the Roadmap is a holistic guide to implementing traceability from ideation to rollout and beyond.

The Traceability Roadmap Flat Render

The Traceability Playbook for Fashion Supply Chains

As seen at Global Fashion Summit 2022, The Traceability Playbook is your guide to achieving supply chain traceability with proven models and trend insights from thought-leading industry experts to assist you on your journey. Get your free copy!


Ebooks and Cheatsheets


Guide to Key US Regulations for Textile Supply Chain

This eBook covers the key US Laws and Regulations concerning fashion and textile brands and importers. Preparing your organization to remain compliant will be aided with new change processes and technology.


Guide to Key EU Regulations for Textile Supply Chains

This eBook covers key EU Regulations and Directives concerning fashion and textile brands and importers. Preparing your organization to follow the requirements of the entire EU Green Deal and transitioning to Circular Economy will need attention to processes for Due Diligence, Transparency & Traceability, Waste Reduction and the overall Product Environmental Footprint.


EU Sustainable Textile Strategy Cheatsheet

To provide a comprehensive overview of the EU Sustainable Textile Strategy, we have compiled all of the regulations, directives and initiatives undertaken by the European Union, with the aim of transitioning the Textile Industry to sustainable and circular economies.


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