Unlocking DPP

Our latest Playbook, "Unlocking DPP: The Why, What and How of Digital Product Passports" takes you through the upcoming European Commission mandate that every textile product sold in European Union (EU) member countries is 'Ecodesigned' and has a digital product passport (DPP), to be implemented between 2026-2030. 

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The why, what and how of DPP

It's time for fashion to see data as a friend, not foe, but despite the willingness shown thus far, the operational components and requirements of DPP are poorly understood.

Featured in this book is the 'Why' and 'What' of DPP, and for the first time, presents fashion brands and retailers with a proposal and guidelines for the 'How'. 

As the 'responsible economic operators' for complying with DPP, brands and retailers can, and should, begin preparing for DPP now, and this book is their essential guide.



The 'Why'

A look into the DPP: its purpose, connection to EU regulations, impact on textiles, and its role in addressing industry issues.


The 'What'

Clarifying the requirements, compliance scope, present and future data needs, and lingering uncertainties surrounding DPPs.


The 'When'

A look at implementation stages, anticipated timeline for finalized details, and recommended starting point for preparation.


The 'How'

Practical steps, data collection methods and sources, system integration approaches, and how to apply DPP to current products.

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Featuring Contributions From


Brooke Roberts-Islam

Writer, author and consultant


Anja Sadock

Senior Vice President Marketing, TrusTrace


Evonne Tan

Senior Director of Data & Technology, Textile Exchange


Jenny Wärn

Director of Product Operations, TrusTrace


Laura Linnala

Project Manager Circular Economy and Biodiversity, SiS


Linn Lindfred

Founder and CEO, Circularista


Marjut Loivo

Sustainability Manager, Marimekko


Masaki Kato

Project Manager, Innovation Works, Marimekko


Nina Shariati

Founder, Circular Transparency


Ridhi Kanna

Product Manager, TrusTrace


Sandra Roos

Vice President Sustainability, Kappahl


Saravanan Parisutham

COO and Co-Founder, TrusTrace


Staffan Olsson

Head of Public Affairs, GS1 Sweden

Legislation and Regulation

The Importance and Role of DPPs

DPPs are one facet of many regulations intended to help deliver the EU Green Deal’s aim of ‘green growth’ and net zero emissions, and will help unlock the circular economy potential of textile products.

In "Unlocking DPP: The Why, What and How of Digital Product Passports", we outline what you need to know about the DPP's relationship with the EU Green Deal, CEAP, the EU Textile Strategy and more. 

Having understood the regulatory foundations for the digital product passports, we then unpack, in detail, what DPP is (and isn’t), how it will work, and what brands and retailers need to know, and do, next.


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