Key EU Regulations for Textiles

Download your copy of the guide to key EU regulations for textile supply chains, concerning regulations as part of the EU Sustainable Textiles Strategy and other state regulations that require processes for Due Diligence, Transparency & Traceability and Waste Reduction. An explanation of the methodology for Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) is also included. 

What's in the ebook?

Access key information and recommendations concerning the directives contributing to the Sustainable Textiles Strategy under the EU Green Deal. This includes regulations that target the impact of garment and textile supply chains, ecodesign and sustainability reporting.

In the European market, there's anticipation for regulations on environmental design, waste, corporate reporting and green claims that will enable the transition towards a circular economy.


Directives Under the EU Green Deal

Under the Green Deal, the EU has proposed several directives to support Circularity and we cover this including the Ecodesign directive, CSRD and Substantiating Green Claims to name a few.


Environmental and Social Risks

Several of the laws target the assessment and mitigation of environmental and social risks including deforestation, greenhouse gases emissions, wages, etc.


Risk Mitigation and Recommendations

This resource provides actionable insights and practical recommendations on how to adopt processes to comply with Country Specific Due Diligence and Transparency laws.