DPP Data Protocol

Developed as part of a project called Trace4Value, TrusTrace actively invests in this project as the data platform to help turn theory to practice in order to create a working DPP prototype and data protocol to unify industries.

What's in the data protocol?

The Trace4Value project brings together partners from several industries to tackle the complex challenge of sustainable system transformation and the shift to climate-neutral and circular production with resource-efficient and resilient value chains.


Overview of the Digital Product Passport in Textile

With proposed regulations calling for Digital Product Passports (DPP) to be mandatory on textiles sold in Europe by 2030, we outline the aim of the digital product passport and dependencies for a DPP system to evolve in accordance with the European Commission, under the framework of the EU Green Deal.


Data Protocol Prerequisites

Review the data protocol's prerequisites as defined by the intended scope of the DPP.


The Complete Data Protocol

An overview of the complete data protocol, from the 97 data attributes identified and their correlating Info Groups, is provided alongside definitions and exemplifications of each attribute.

The first version of the protocol was published September 2023, followed by an updated version published April 2024. The updated version reflects learnings along the implementation of the DPP, including 8 additional attributes.