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Supply chains in the fashion industry are often complex, with many brands having little visibility beyond their tier one and two suppliers and many suppliers not being able to communicate their material story with the customers. Customers, society, and, increasingly, regulators, are demanding more information, but mapping these global supply chains remains a challenge. It was to help address this gap, that APR collaborated with TrusTrace in October 2019. The partnership enabled APR and TrusTrace to share data across their traceability platforms.

There are hopes and expectations that block chain can build trust in the apparel industry’s long, fragmented and opaque supply chain. It could also be one of the best tools to certify sustainability claims. But applying blockchain-based and technology protocols requires digitizing all physical transactions, implying a complete overhaul of how the industry operates today.

TrusTrace, a leader in supply chain traceability and circular solutions in the fashion and textile industry, and HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, today announced that they are hosting live demonstrations of TrusTrace’s AI, Blockchain and IoT powered platform, at the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos, Switzerland. The presentation is part of HCL’s Tech Showcase Zone, which will demonstrate how engineering, product innovation and technology will shape new age business models over the next decade. TrusTrace and HCL are working together to showcase how sustainable fashion brands are using leading edge technologies to collect supply chain data, verify and validate supply chain data and then presenting it to end consumers to promote better choices that help the environment and society. As the fashion industry contributes to more than eight percent of the global carbon footprint, TrusTrace’s mission is to help the industry to achieve carbon neutrality. In…

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Full Stack Developer

What you bring

  • Hands on experience on backend technologies and have strong understanding on core data structure and design patterns.
  • Strong fundamental frameworks like Springboot/Angular7.
  • Sound knowledge in java and JVM ecosystem.
  • Write production grade test code.
  • Proficiency with web API performance and OpenAPI standards.
  • Capable of making simple and yet efficient design and architecture decisions for both backend and client.
  • Strong knowledge on NoSQL and Graph databases.
  • Passion for polyglot programming, we write python and golang code too.

What we are looking for

  • Passion for problem-solving.
  • Flexibility to multitask and re-prioritize when necessary.
  • Ability to work in an agile and customer-centric team.
  • Open for learning new technologies.
  • Preferably with saas/startup experience.

Tech Stack

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