Sustainable production and consumption has always been at the core of Filippa K. Working closely with their suppliers across the globe, they design high quality, environmentally responsible garments that are made to be worn and loved for many years.

Filippa K wanted to explore methods of better communicating this story with their customers through their own stores and multi brand e-commerce retailers. With TrusTrace, they have successfully integrated their sustainability claims into the largest e-commerce platform in Europe - to empower their shoppers to take more responsible and informed choices that match their values.


Improve process for sustainable product claims

Like many other leading fashion brands, Filippa K spent countless hours in excel and email loops sharing, verifying and updating sustainability data coming from various sources. The accuracy and validity of this data was challenging as it was manually processed and often fragmented down the line. They were looking for a partner to help automate the data collection and verification in order to make certain claims on their products with their retailers.


Automated tool to verify sustainability data 

The TrusTrace platform automates the whole process of data collection, validation and assigning the right sustainability labels. The system integrates the data from the PLM and ERP systems to understand the product and define what information is to be collected from which supplier based on a pre-defined logic. By combining the product design data with product/facility certifications and lower tier supplier data, TrusTrace checks which products comply with labelling requirements and assigns the relevant sustainability labels.


Product labels to showcase sustainable products

TrusTrace enabled Filippa K to validate and communicate their sustainability efforts more efficiently and at a faster rate, and to exhibit this information directly on the retailer’s e-commerce platform. The Filippa-K team spends less than 5% of the initial time spent on these activities whilst simultaneously have improved the accuracy of data.

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