French sporting goods retailer Decathlon was looking to achieve greater control over their sustainability chains in order to ensure 100% confidence in product sustainability claims. They intend to continue being leaders in sustainability and lie one step ahead of the competition curve.

The TrusTrace platform was used for lot level traceability of various materials – across tiers and business units. We help Decathlon to eliminate supply chain risk and confidently make sustainability claims.

The challenge

Decathlon has thousands of suppliers across different business units handling more than 100K unique materials across different tiers. To have increased confidence in the sustainability claims and augment the existing certification systems, the need of the hour was to track millions of transactions (material movement, shipments, production processes) from farm level – and link it all the way to finished garments. From fibre to garment.

Without a centralised system that can automate and track the process of data collection and verification, it was not possible to manage this amount of data across a large organisation.

The solution

We created full visibility of material movements, enabling suppliers across three different continents to mimic the physical flow of materials as digital transactions on the platform. We gain greater control of the movement of materials from one supplier to another, within supplier facilities and records of the transformation of raw materials to final products – all at a lot level.

To enable different suppliers to share the data easily in their own format, the platform supports multiple data entry options – through excel imports, APIs, folder syncs, etc,. The platform also collects quality reports and transaction certificates for every lot – enabling higher confidence on sustainability claims.

The result

A simplified user interface for suppliers and brands enabled Decathlon to onboard suppliers remotely – across three continents in less than six months. The platform has been adopted by various business units (ranging from textiles to bikes) and has enabled the tracing of 30% of the total volume for certain business units within twelve months of roll-out. The platform is expected to enable 100% traceability for said business units by 2022.

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