We make traceability feasible for global brands


Know your product

Trace the entire product journey using material-forward traceability. This includes production facilities, material certifications and product sustainability labels.

Know your supply chain

Visualize product supply chains by inviting your direct suppliers onto the platform to share data and reporting. This includes garment manufacturers, fabric manufacturers, wet processing units, spinners, fiber manufacturers and beyond.

Know your customers

There’s nothing to claim without the data. Start tracing materials to products and communicate with confidence on how your brand is following through on commitments to science-backed targets.

Analytics that matter

Gain insights analytics designed for the fashion industry and build business supply chain resilience. This includes tracking of material diversity, supplier demographics and ESG performance, certified vs non-certified materials and other portfolio trends.

As a leader in traceability, it’s our responsibility to illuminate the path so that others can start their journey to transparency, for the benefit of the entire fashion industry and all its stakeholders.
Shameek Ghosh, CEO of TrusTrace, the Traceability Playbook

We make it manageable for you. Automatically.


Fashion-specific data collection

Recognise different product types and collects data across the supply chain. For example, it automatically grasps the difference between a cotton T-shirt and a multi-layered winter coat.

Proven data validation

Gain from standardised validation through AI engine that extracts data from transaction & scope certificates for GRS, RCS, GOTS, RWS, and audit certifications like BSCI, SMETA, WCA, amongst others.


Handle data from/to various PLM, ERP, PIM systems relevant for the fashion industry – to easily transfer information on styles, raw materials and suppliers between different systems.

Approved information security

TrusTrace's technology stack and automation is ISO 27001 certified which means it meets rigorous information and data protection standards with its information security practices to keep user data secure.


“we were collecting data from the whole value chain, [but] realized the data was not scientifically usable… and then came TrustTrace. They have envisioned the same thing that we have envisioned, which is fixing this, so that we can have reliable and automated data.”


Accelerate Sustainable Transformation with TrusTrace


Supplier Data Management

Take your supply chain and supplier data out of static spreadsheets and into the cloud with TrusTrace. Start managing supplier facility details, audit records and other supplier ESG data in one place.

Supply Chain Mapping

Trace your final products from garment-backwards, visualize it with traceability trees and prove countries of origin with TrusTrace. Supply Chain Mapping collects and stores documentation for specific products and styles.


Not sure where to begin?

Take the Traceability Self-Assessment to determine what your current level of traceability.

Case studies

We have recorded over 2 million traceability data points, work with over 8,000 suppliers and welcomed over 10,000 platform users. Explore our stories below to find out more.

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