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For long, we have acted as irresponsible residents plundering the resources at will and haven’t been bothered about the consequences. Two main reasons can be attributed to such behaviour – we are not aware of the consequences, and there was no one to police us. Both these behavioural reasons are not valid anymore. Unless you are living under a rock, it is not possible to miss seeing the impact of our irresponsible behaviour, especially around climate change attributed by temperature rise. COP24, Paris Climate Convention, 1.5 Deg C, 2 Deg C are some of the most active topics on the internet these days. Also, this is an era of self-regulation, where businesses (Facebook, Google, etc.,) and public prefer taking responsibility for our current, past and future actions based on internal guidelines/policing instead of external watchdogs. 2018 witnessed devastating floods, droughts due to changing weather patterns across the entire globe, and…

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Full Stack Developer

What you bring

  • Hands on experience on backend technologies and have strong understanding on core data structure and design patterns.
  • Strong fundamental frameworks like Springboot/Angular7.
  • Sound knowledge in java and JVM ecosystem.
  • Write production grade test code.
  • Proficiency with web API performance and OpenAPI standards.
  • Capable of making simple and yet efficient design and architecture decisions for both backend and client.
  • Strong knowledge on NoSQL and Graph databases.
  • Passion for polyglot programming, we write python and golang code too.

What we are looking for

  • Passion for problem-solving.
  • Flexibility to multitask and re-prioritize when necessary.
  • Ability to work in an agile and customer-centric team.
  • Open for learning new technologies.
  • Preferably with saas/startup experience.

Tech Stack

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